Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Praise Him always?

His praise shall continually be in my mouth. (Ps. 34:1)
Does that mean I should praise you even when I don't want to, when praise seems unmerited or out of place? Sometimes praising God seems more than I can do!
I don't feel full of praise when the dentist is drilling or the doctor is probing; when there's been an accident or the washer overflows or the TV goes out after a storm or my head is pounding....Screaming? Yes. Crying? Maybe. But PRAISING?
But are those the very times I should praise you? Would praise put the incident in perspective and free my mind to hear you speak?
Don't let me wait until I understand.........Just help me praise and learn later.


Mari said...

Sometimes it's impossible to understand, and praising can seem just as difficult. It's always a comfort to know that He knows better than we do!

Nancy said...

I think we all struggle with this one, it is very difficult to praise in bad situations but so easy in good ones.

TJ said...

I can understand what you mean, but I have learned if I can praise through tears, and various emotions, God will come through as always. Enjoying your blog...