Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They hurt!!

I've been experiencing leg/foot cramps lately. They can come anytime but especially in my sleep. They are very uncomfortable, to say the least. Do anyone of you who read my blog experience them? Do you have a remedy? Please let me hear your suggestions. They hurt!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Connie~

I know exactly what you are talking about...but do not have a remedy! One thing that does help for me...is to get up and walk around a bit...my husband is helping me out here...he says that I hop around...saying the whole time "oh it hurts, it hurts!" I hope that someone has a better remedy than what I am sharing!

Simple blessings for your day!

Mari said...

I've not had this, but have heard that it may be the result of not enough Potassium or calcium. Eat some bananas and milk and see if it improves!

TJ said...

My grandma is 103 and my mom puts a bar of soap under the sheets. She says it helps grandma. Maybe an old wise tale but they don't make the bed without it. Hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...

You may be dehydrated....drink more water and see if you notice any improvement. Course you'll be getting during the night for other reasons if you drink more water..tee hee. Patty

Nancy said...

My husband deals with this and the Dr told him to take calcium with vit D and a magnesisum tab daily. He hasn't had cramps for a long time.

Amy said...

Ouch! I had them when I was pregnant. I remember they hurt so much. I didn't know there were remedies. Hope you can find one that works for you.