Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad storm on Wednesday

We had a very bad wind/rain storm in our area on Wednesday.
We had alot of branches and alot of flooding. This picture is taken of
a yard in our neighborhood. These were beautiful maple trees
which stood in that yard for years. Fortunately nothing hit the house or barn.
Much of the area were without electricity.
Our creek ran into our pond so our pond is looking really bad right now.
I do not remember ever experiencing such a awful scary storm before.
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Glenda said...

Connie, I know how scary that is! I'm glad you and your home are OK, but I always hate to see beautiful trees uprooted like that.

Mari said...

It was an awful storm! I hate to see trees like that taken down.

Nancy said...

I think we got off with a much mildrer version over here but it did come up extremely fast.

Cherdecor said...

Good Grief! What a storm! I am so glad that no one was harmed and that your property sustained no damage. The roots on these trees look like they were shallow. I always feel badly when an old tree comes down.