Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy weekend

Sunday was a busy day. Beside setting aside time for worship we visited families at two funeral homes. Two godly ladies were taken to their eternal home ; one last Thursday and one on Friday. Their funeral services are this morning at 11. Both were in their late 80s and had lived their last days in a nursing home. So it is the kids loss but definitely their GAIN.

I am always troubled about something when I go to a funeral home. So often it sounds like everyone is having such a great time seeing old friends/relatives that one forgets that there is a grieving family there. I know it is a time of healing but sometime there is just too much noise. Does anyone else feel this way? I remember when I was the grieving person and everyone was laughing and having a good time I wanted to say "listen up people - I just lost someone who was very dear to me - it is not funny! I don't feel like laughing right now - maybe later you can tell me that funny story. Maybe I have it all wrong - I did appreciate them coming; that meant allot to me; the hugs, the "I'm praying for you" etc. just not all the noise. I would like your thoughts on this. Maybe you can help me see it a different way. Thanks for listening..........


Mari said...

I think it's definitely something to be aware of. I've noticed that happening as well, usually it's when the person who passed was older and people felt it was a blessing. I know when my Mom passed that was happening, but I think a lot of people were sharing memories of her and laughing. That's the good kind and I hope that there is laughter in the room when I pass away. I wouldn't want everyone to be somber, but instead having good memories. On the other hand, as you said - it still is a sad time for the family and we need to be respectful of that.

Anonymous said...

I sooooo agree with you Connie.

I will never forget the first funeral I saw where no one shed a tear. I didn't know the lady well, but she was very kind to me at a time I needed a friend. She died suddenly and I was so sad. But, at her funeral, her children and husband were all happy, laughing, talking. I never saw a tear. I grieved about that whole situation for years until I saw the result of the family's lives. It took years for me to see that she was far better off in heaven away from her family. I think that God took her to spare her a lot of grief and mistreatment. Her husband was a professor in a college and they were a Christian family.

And yes, today people go to funerals just to see people they haven't seen for years. It grieves me too.