Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The first week is past

I had my hip replacement surgery on January 18. I did every well with it. I came home again on Friday. I've had a fair amount of pain but it is getting better very day. I'm walking with the help of a walker and should be using the cane very soon. I am so glad surgery is behind me. My husband is taking very good care of me; doing the laundry and fixing mealsl etc. I still rest and sleep alot along with my exercises that need to be done 3 times a day. Hope everyone is having a fine day.


Mari said...

It's so good to hear from you! Patty had an update on Facebook the day of surgery so I knew it went well. Every day will get a little better! :)

Anonymous said...

Connie, it is good to see you back on your blog. I am glad that your surgery went well and that you are up and walking. It won't be long before it is spring and you will be ready for it.


Glenda said...

May you get stronger each day, Connie. It must be a great relief to have surgery behind you - and better days ahead! God be with you!

Pat said...

How good it is to have our surgery behind us! It sounds like you are doing very well. I was wondering today when I can graduate to a cane, the walker is so awkward to handle at times.
I praise God for his loving care, He surely has taken care of us!

Anonymous said...

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Connie, be sure to get plenty of rest and follow the Doc's orders. You husband sounds like a very caring man. Be good to yourself and you will be up and moving around soon with your new hip!!