Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Monday! SNOW DAY

The kids have one more day of vacation.  The weather guys/girls predict a blast of very cold air coming this morning so the schools have declared a "snow day". They didn't want the kids standing out in the cold waiting for the bus.

When my kids were school age we had to car pool to school.  We didn't have a bus coming past our home.  The neighbors all got together and each took a week and carpooled all the kids to school.  That was before seat belts so we could really pack those kids in.  I know that sounds really foreign and unsafe now. 

He had one father in the bunch that had retired early because of a heart condition.  If one of the Moms would have a baby that had to get out with her then he would take her place for a semester. I know he helped me out at one time and I was so thankful I didn't have to get the baby up and out every day. (We didn't have car seats like they do today either; one of the kids would just hold the baby.)  I'm glad we've made some changes today about that.

So one more day of vacation your Mom today, play some inside games and be kind to each other.

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Mari said...

Yes, times have really changed!
I'm about to head out to work - not looking forward to that drive this morning. :(