Sunday, January 25, 2015


A busy week is over. Volunteering a couple days a week.  Going to a sewing group one morning a week.  Did some visiting this week.  We have a lady from our church who just had knee replacement surgery plus she got shingles.  Our daughter-in-love had microscopic surgery on her knee on Friday. I made dinner and we ate together on Friday evening.   We were invited to our daughters home on Saturday.  Her husband made stuffed green peppers,  which was delicious.  Today we attended our church services and had a coffee afterwards. 

I'm ready to begin a new week.........hope you have a good one too.


Mari said...

You did have a busy week! I have one this week with two funerals and a bridal shower for Heather to attend.

Anne said...

A busy week indeed. I hope your daughter-in-law has a speedy recovery.

I also volunteer three days a week at an elementary school. Where do you volunteer?