Monday, November 16, 2009

Thoughts for Monday

I just returned home from the dentist. His assistant was out sick so he had to do all the work himself. I had a cavity that needed to be redone.
Lately when I go to the dentist I have trouble with breathing while he is working on me. He tells me I don't breath through my nose. I breath from the mouth. I'm not sure about that but I didn't argue with him. (It is rather hard to argue when he has his hands in my mouth, you know.) Of course, he numbed me so when I went home I could only see out of eye. Not the best way to be driving! So now after $160.00 I am back home and ready to get to work. Washing, cleaning, maybe reading a good book..........
Later I need to go for theraphy on my neck and shoulder. (I try to keep everyone in business.)


Growin' with it! said...! hope you are feeling better by now.

Mari said...

Nice of you to keep the medical economy going! I hate it when our dentist is busy talking to me when I can't talk back!

Anonymous said...

Some days it feels like we are keeping everyone in business, ugh.

I've seen way too much of my dentist this year and unfortunately I know I'll be back in that chair after the first of the year.

All My Blessings said...

Connie, It was kind of you to let me know your concern. With friends like you I'm bound to have a good day. You are now added to my blessings.....Kae