Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hearts are Heavy

We hear the news of the earthquake in Haiti and our hearts are saddened. Such destruction in an area that was so poor already. Be much in prayer for the Haitians as they face their uncertain future. Remember to thank God for all the comforts we enjoy.


Mari said...

I was thinking that as I drove home. The houses that are in the worst condition around here are much better than most of them had before the earthquake, and now to lose family, friends and what little they have is devastating.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I hope you are having a pleasant afternoon.
I want to thank you for your kind comment on my post of yesterday. I have noticed that I have lost a follower since then and I feel terrible. I have noticed also that several of you have mentioned Pat Robertsons name, even though I did not.
I am certain there are those out there that follow his every word..and so I didn't want to offend. I guess folks just filled in what they felt was missing in my post. Brave souls, them. I do not like to cause controversy and when I was finished writing the post and had my finger on the key to publish, I hesitated, and then I thought..."this is MY blog and I am not naming names, however, I think it did me harm. I am hoping to heaven it didn't hurt others harm as well.
You were open and honest and I so appreciate people like you. I tippy toe a bit more because once when I first began blogging, I said something, don't recall what, and found myself in a war. A woman attacked me on her blog and even published my email address and blog address and invited them to come and fight with her on her blog. So.. :) from then on I have treaded lightly. Withdrawn anything I thought anyone would take issue with. And...I nearly gave up blogging because of it.
Stubborness kept me going and I have since had a wonderful time.
I pray I slide by this one.. but I am really afraid I will be called a "non believer" or worse.
Thank you for listening and please feel free to delete this comment. I would understand.
:) Mona

Jennifer said...

So glad you stopped by my blog yesterday! Indeed, it seems overwhelming - what can we do?? Pray is what I can do right now.

Your header picture is beautiful - is that your yard?!? I really love snow - that is in someone else's yard!! :)

Have a great weekend!

Together We Save said...

Sending prayers there way.

Together We Save said...

Sending prayers there way.