Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to De-clutter

Some of my bloging friends are talking about de-cluttering their closets, etc. I've been doing some of that myself. I have been saving cards (anniversary, birthday, sympathy, Mother's and Father's day, etc. for many years. Last week one day I got those out, looked thru them and then threw most of them out. I kept the Mother and Father's day cards and the very special ones I got from my grandchildren. I had a good time reading them but I know I can't keep everything. It is time to delete some of the clutter. It is also time to delete some of the clutter from my mind - not an easy job to do, but a very important one, none the else.

Have a great and safe week-end!


Mari said...

I have a hard time getting rid of some of those kinds of things, but when you do it, it feels good!

TJ said...

I was thinking as I was reading your blog. If you have a scanner, you could scan future cards and notes and keep on a cd for future blessings. Think I'll follow my own suggestion. :) I feel guilty when I throw things out - but you are so right - we can't keep everything.