Monday, April 5, 2010

Tips for Tuesday

Spring Cleaning -

.......Keep your dresser drawers and their contents smelling fresh by taping a fabric softener sheet to the inside back of each drawer.

.......Freshen your closet with a potpourri sachet. Cut off the foot of an old nylon stocking, fill it with potpourri, and tie off the opening. Hang your sachet from a hook in the closet or from the neck of a clothes hanger.

.......Double the hanger space in your bedroom closet by hanging a shower curtain ring from the neck of each hanger. Then you can hang one item on the hanger and another on a second hanger hooked onto the ring.

Happy Spring Cleaning!!


Nancy said...

Great tips, Connie...and perfect timing as I want to start on my spring cleaning very soon. Take care and God Bless!


Mari said...

Connie - this is very weird - I bet some of these are your missing comments!
Anyway - I've been cleaning today, and appreciate these spring cleaning tips!

Glenda said...

Hi, Connie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your posts are so meaningful; I especially enjoyed your Easter posts, and I, too, feel God's rejuvenating presence in our world and in our lives.

Your post today is so practical and helpful. I like #1 especially! We can all use inexpensive tips such as these.

Have a blessed week, and come back to visit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these very useful tidbits! All of them are great ideas. I think I might just try the first one...our drawers can always use a fresh scent in them! : )
Happy spring to you!

Cherdecor said...

I love all these tips. Thank you, Connie.