Thursday, September 2, 2010


When remembering 17 years ago today (September 2) my mind goes back to a very tragic day . Our son-in-law, Chip, was caught in a gas explosion and had 85 per cent of his body burned. 65 per cent of this was 3rd degree burns. The doctors told us that someone burned that badly would not live. Chip did live. However he was on the critical list for weeks. Shortly after his accident they began surgeries - about one or two a week. They harvested his skin and grew new skin for skin grafting. He had 53 surgeries in all. Both of his ears were burned beyond repair. He was fit with artificial ears which look very real. He has no hair. (He is right in style!) He was in the hospital for ten and half months. He has no sweat glands so the hot weather is troubling for him. In all that time I never heard him complain even though he was miserable a lot of time. He kept his sense of humor. Our daughter stayed close as well as his family and friends. The doctor said the support and love he got from his wife and family helped a great deal in his recovery. They had a year and a half old son who would spend time with him too.

You might ask what did we learn through this experience? There was a verse from the Bible that would come to my mind "Be still and know that He is God." When we see our loved ones going through trials like this there just is no where else to go but to our God. It humbles you so - you just have no control over what is happening. You just have to trust God that no matter how it turns out - God is good and God is in control.

We are so thankful for a healthy son-in-law even though somethings will never be as they were. Our pastor, at the time, told Patty that someday they would have "a new normal" and he was right. God is good!!


Glenda said...

Your post is such a blessing on this day! One of my brothers is going through a very difficult time right now and is in the hospital. It's very difficult for me to see him suffer. You are so right: there is nowhere to turn but to our loving, in-control God. Thank you for reminding me of this just when I need it!!

Nancy said...

I remember that too. He went to school with my kids. So glad God has a plan for all of us no matter what....

Mari said...

I remember it too. What a blessing that he survived it and has maintained such a great attitude!
PS - I don't know if the word normal has ever applied to Chip! :)

Nancy said...

What a great example he has set. I'm glad you shared his story. It's a good reminder for us all.


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful testimony - how wonderful to still have Chip around and to know that his family's love played such a real, tangible part in his healing. I'm so glad you shared this story with us....Chip's life continues to be a blessing!

Cherdecor said...

This brought tears to my eyes, Connie. You and your family have been trusted to use a very hard situation in which to show your trust in God.

I couldn't help but think about Jonah which is a study we are doing at church this fall. Being swallowed by a whale was a great
interruption his life. Your son-in-law had a divine interruption in his life and it sounds like he weathered the storm well.

Marie said...

What a wonderful story of courage. Thanks for sharing.