Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a Week!

We are back from Pentwater. We had a memorable week! One night we didn't have a fire because it was to warm. The next night we couldn't have a fire because it was too cold and windy. The next night we had a fire but didn't stay long because of the cold and blowing sand. The last night we had a beautiful fire and the weather was just right. So goes it in Michigan.
The craft show on Saturday was challenging to say the least. Very cold and windy and rainy.
I felt sorry for the crafters who were hanging on to their items so they wouldn't blow away. So some the tents traveled around quite a bite. Sunday was a better day - no rain but still very cold and windy.


Mari said...

Michigan does have crazy weather. Glad you had a nice camper to stay warm and dry!

Nancy said...

Yup, crazy Michigan weather.. one day roasting the next freezing and you may just blow away the next. LOL