Sunday, October 21, 2012


Last Saturday evening we had a Chiveree Reunion at Windmill Restaurant in Holland, Mi.  Many of you may not know what chivereeing is all about.  Back in the olden days people used to go to wedding receptions and make a lot of noise, with pots and pans etc.   When the bride and groom had enough of this noise they would pay the group to leave.  Well, my husband was part of that group.  When the last of the guys got married he said he would pay them but they had to use the money for a get-together of all the members of the chirveree group.  That was 49 years ago.

So every year since then we have been getting together for a reunion.  First we had a picnic, but after several years and with our families grown, we decided to go to a restaurant to celebrate.  We had 34 people at this one on Saturday night.  This includes the men and their spouses.  We have some widows and widowers that come too.  The oldest man is 81 years old.  Each year we miss one or two because of death.  At this time we are all retired; some come with canes and walkers. All in all we have a really good time - telling stories of when we were younger and sometimes foolish.  The meal was delicious and a good time was had by all.


Mari said...

My Dad used to talk about chivareeing too, and always with a laugh! Glad you are still getting together and having fun!

Terra said...

I had heard of chivaree, and now I know what it is. That sounds like you have fun reunions.