Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Blessing

It is Mission Emphasis Week at our church. This is a week when we have some of the missionaries we support come to tell us about their work.
Sunday morning we had a young pastor who works for Back to God Hour Ministries International - Russia. He was born in Russia and lived there until he came to Calvin College to persue the ministry. He told us he first learned about Christianity from Christian Radio. When he was eighteen he received the Gospel of John and from there he found Christ.
I thought of all the Bibles we have in our home. How God has always been involved in my life. My earliest memories include Jesus and His love for me. I was reminded of all the many people in this world who do not know Christ. What a privilege I had growing up in a Christian home.
But isn't it wonderful - regardless of our background or heritage - God finds his chosen ones and brings salvation.

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Mari said...

We have been so blessed and I know sometimes I take things like having Bibles for granted. It's good to be reminded through stories like this.