Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Big Night

We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on Thursday night with family and friends. Sorry my pictures are not that good but we had a great time. A delicious chicken/ham dinner with all the trimmings was served. Our daughter-in-law sang and everyone enjoyed her too. What fun it was to spend some quality time with those we love so much. I just wanted to share it with my blog friends too.
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TJ said...

Looks like a great celebration. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Congrats on 50 years - that is wonderful.

Mari said...

I'm glad you got these pictures! The dresses are nicely displayed and the supper sounds wonderful. You and Ken look really nice too - who would think you'd been married for 50 years? Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

50 years is something to be proud of! What a wonderful blessing! How great to enjoy a night with your family in your honor.

We celebrated our 30th this past year and somehow it seems unreal that we could be married that long. I'm so blessed to have such a great guy to share my life with. I pray we share another 30!

Yup, as I look at your pictures I do remember you :) Small world, huh?

Betty said...

Happy, Happy Belated 50th Anniversary!

Looks like a wonderful gathering and lots of fun.

We celebrate our 50th next June 19th, Lord willing....


A Stone Gatherer said...

Sounds like a great night, but I think you son-in-law should have sung a duet with her!! Boy I'd love to see that! It'll never happen though! Gotta love him!!!!