Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Collage 2010 Night

Thursday evening we had the fun of attending the local high school's Collage 2010. Many of the school kids performed; some sang, some danced, the choirs sang and the bands played.
We had 2 of our grandchildren involved. One did a comic set and also sang and played the drums. This one is a junior. The senior played the drums, the bass guitar, and also sang.
They are both very good at what they do. What a fun night! Sorry I did not get pictures; we were to far away to take good pictures. There were two grandparents there who were very proud - that would be US!


Mari said...

I've been to that show before, and it's always good! Bet I know who the drum player was!

Anonymous said...

Connie ~ Sounds like such a fun time that you both had! Sweet blessings! Hugs ~ Teri

Glenda said...

You have some talented grandchildren! I can identify with your feelings of pride!

Anonymous said...

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