Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Late monday evening my grand-daughter was coming home from work at Hungry Howies. She stopped for a 4-way stop. A drunk driver came up behind her and slamed into the back of her car. Then he backed up, turned around and left the accident. A little ways down the road he went off the road and drove into a fire hydrant. He tried to run away but was so drunk he didn't get very far.
Melissa is very sore. She says she hurts all over. She had her seat belt on. Her car is totaled. A young man from our church happened to come around the corner at the time of the accident so he helped her out of the car and stayed with her until help came.
We are so thankful to God for his protection. It could have been so much more serious than it was.
I would like to talk to the man who hit her. I pray that he will get help for his drinking before he hurts himself or someone else. I just wish that if someone has to drink they would know enough not to drive. How many lives have been hurt because of drunk driving.


Mari said...

Oh Connie - I'm so sorry she had to go through this but thankful she is ok. I don't understand drunk driving either. I hope this guy learns a lesson from this incident.

Nancy said...

That is so scary to think many people are out there driving drunk or under the influence of something. So glad your grand daughter is ok, God is truly watching His own.

Glenda said...

That's terrible, Connie! I'm glad your granddaughter was not seriously hurt, but I know she was so scared. You are so right; drunk driving is responsible for so many tragedies.

Cherdecor said...

The guy probably didn't even know that he hit someone. Alcohol is such a big problem in the world. I am so sorry that your granddaughter had to be a victim. I hope that she heals well.

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

What a selfish person, especially leaving the scene of the accident. He could have hurt her so badly that it is only minutes that mattered to call 911. Instead he left without knowing if she was alright.