Monday, March 14, 2011

Observing Lent

The next few Sundays (during Lent and leading up to Easter) we will be hearing a sermon series entitled "Crucified with Christ".

Sometimes people will give up something for Lent. Usually this means giving up something small like not eating chocolate or not watching TV over the 40-day period. This sort of fasting is a good discipline if your small sacrifice reminds you of Christ's sacrifice and helps you appreciate your salvation more. However, sometimes giving up something for Lent can be more of a popular trend that tickles our egos than a spiritual exercise that focuses us on our Lord.

We are encouraged to look past the popular short-term sacrifices of minor things and reflect on what it means to give an entire life to Jesus Christ. We will be wearing red wrist-bands with "Crucified with Christ" printed on them to help us remember that following Jesus means sacrificing our entire lifes, not just giving up small enjoyments for a short time.

This morning sermon was taken from John 2:13-22 - He Cleanses the Temple.


Mari said...

That will be a good reminder each time you see it.

Cherdecor said...

I liked this lesson VERY much. I so agree. The bracelets would be a good reminder.