Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Background about this Blogger

I was born in June 0f 1938 (a long time ago). I lived in Holland, MI.
When I was 18 months old my Mother died, leaving 8 children.
On the day of her death, I and my brother went home with my uncle and aunt.
By the end of the year another brother came to live with us too.
My uncle and aunt lived in the country.
We never went back to live with our Father.
He cared for the other five kids, ranging from twins boys who were 10, and a son aged 12, a daughter 14 and a son 16.
On Sundays my Dad and the rest of the family would all come
to my uncle and aunt for dinner.
I can remember sitting on my Dads lap while he was there and when it was
time for him to go home, he would say "I love you; be a good girl, I'll be back next Sunday."
It was because he loved us that he had us stay with my uncle and aunt.
He knew he was not able to care for all of us.
My Aunt was a sister to my Mom and my Uncle was a brother to my Dad.
My uncle and aunt had no children of there own.
Dad always stayed our Dad and we called my Uncle and Aunt by their name.
My Dad remarried when I was thirteen but we stayed living with my uncle and aunt.
That was home for us. They loved us as if we were their very own.
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Mari said...

Connie - I'm so glad you shared this part of your life story. You had some very special people in your life. Your aunt and uncle to take you in, but also your Dad. That had to be very hard on him.

Jennifer said...

My mother had a similar childhood. Her mother didn't die but she was institutionalized for severe depression when my mother and her 3 siblings were very young. Her father couldn't work and talk care of the kids so they spent much of their childhood living with their Aunt and Uncle. I am sure it was a hard decision for your dad but it sounds like it was made out of love.
Thank you for sharing.

Growin' with it! said...

hi connie, nice to meetca & thanks for the advice on my post the other day. this is a beautiful story...because i know not all kids who's parents die have this wonderful ending. your aunt, uncle & dad sound like amazing people!!