Thursday, July 2, 2009

Volunteer work

On Thursdays, I volunteer at a mission store in the area called Love In the Name of Christ. People drop off gently used items they no longer have a need for.
It amazes me what nice items are brought in (and some not so nice).
We also get new items from stores in the area that are sold for a much lower price
than if they were bought elsewhere. Anyone may purchase merchandise from this place
and the money brought in goes out to the community to help those in need.
I meet really neat people and I have a good time doing something worthwhile .
The best part is you never know what treasures one will find at a very reasonable price.
Today I found a cute ceramic tea pot for my shelf in the kitchen.
Makes me wonder what I'll find next week...........


Mari said...

That's one of the nice benefits you get for giving your time!

Mary said...


I'm glad that you volunteer at the mission. Your teapot sounds delightful and as Mari says, it is one of the benefits for your time.

I enjoy shopping at our local church thrift shop. There are certainly deals to be had.

Welcome to blogland.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Hi Connie or Patty's Mom!! Welcome to blogland!!!! How do we get your daughter doing it???? You know she's a lurker!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Hi, Connie. Just dropped by from Mari's to say hi! Hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have and meet lots of neat people.

septembermom said...

Hi Connie! I'm visiting from Mari's blog. It is very nice that you work at the mission store. What a rewarding volunteer vocation. Enjoy your time in bloggyland. There are so many wonderful people to meet :)

Bonnie said...

Hi Connie !! I've popped over from Mari's blog to say hello ! Your store sounds great ! I wish I could stop by ! If you have a camera, you should photograph some of the neat things that come in and post the photos to your blog ....

Kat said...

Hi Connie. I'm stopping by via Mari's. Welcome to this wonderful world of blogging. I think you're gonna love it.


Jennifer said...

Hi Patty's mom! I agree with Kim, now maybe Patty will start a blog.
Welcome aboard!

Jennifer said...

Me again. I was just telling my girls today that we should stop by Love Inc and see if they have any push toys. I watch my 13mo old niece and she loves to push things but we don't have any toys like that at our house. Maybe we will see you soon.

Kae said...

Welcome, I'm sure you'll love being in blogland. It gets easier once you get the hang of it. Have a great day. Kae

Demara said...

There are a lot of treasures hidden in those "gently used items" stores! I love shopping at them for that very reason.


Come by and visit sometime if you like...sya

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Connie, Just stopped by from Mari's to day hello. I hope you enjoy blogging!
Nice to meet you. I'll be back again soon.

Kim said...

Welcome to Bloggyville! You will definitely meet a lot of great people. So many have been an encouragement and blessing to me, and I know they will be to you also!

My hubby is going to build me a shelf in the kitchen for my teacup sets and teapots. I can hardly wait to unpack them so I can enjoy looking at them :-)

Rebekah said...

Hi. I popped over from Mari's. I think volunteering is a wonderful thing. I am trying to get my mom to do something like this.
Nice to meet you