Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baking Tip

Let your piecrust go undercover

The recipe says to cover the rim of your piecrust with little strips of aluminum foil to protect it during the last few minutes of baking. The trouble is that it takes 20 minutes to cut out the foil and arrange it lightly around the pie. Then it falls off when you close the oven door. Try this instead. Take one of those aluminum pie tins you've been saving and cut out the bottom. That leaves you with just the sides and rim, which you turn upside down and set on top of the pie to provide an instant cover for the edges of the crust.
After the pie is baked, clean off the rim and store with your pie tins so you can reuse it next time you bake a pie.
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Amy said...

That's a great tip however I'm not a baker. I always mess up the ingredients somehow. I think because you have to have the exact measurements. :)

Mari said...

What a good idea! Thanks!