Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesdays Tips

Some hints on hanging pictures etc.

1) Keeping pictures hanging straight on the wall - Wrap masking tape, sticky side out, around the middle of a toothpick and place a few near the bottom, backside of the frame.

2) When you want to avoid nail holes in the walls, hang pictures with a sewing machine needle. They hold up to 30 pounds and leave almost no marks on the wall.

3) Staining unfinish wood picture frames - stain them with ordinary liquid shoe polish. Apply one coat and let dry. Follow with another coat, and then wax with a good paste wax. Brown shoe polish gives the wood a walnut glow and oxblood a mahogany or cherry color. Tan polish will look like a light maple. This hides scratches, too.
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Mari said...

Who would have thought of a Sewing machine needle for this. Great idea!