Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They are Back!

Mr. & Mrs. Duck are back. Each year they come and make a nest by our pond. It is fun to watch them as they glide across the pond. They seem to not have care in the world. But I noticed a owl in the tree so they will have to be on the alert when their babies hatch.There is so much evil in the world - even our ducks have to be on guard. I must remember they are also Gods creatures and He watches over them as well. Have a good Wednesday.
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Anonymous said...

Ours were back on our pool for a day. I heard the male really upset and wondered what was out there to alarm him. I have not seen them back, but hopefully with the nice weather this week they will be swimming on my pool cover again! It's always a sign of spring for us.

Cherdecor said...

Your ducks are beautiful! We have a pair of ducks who nest in our backyard each spring. I have heard them early in the morning, but I haven't seen them yet. They usually get drinks from our pond but since we haven't filled the fish pond yet this year, they may be spending their time near the creek.

One year after the duckies hatched, they were following their mother across the yard. Alan had dug fence post holes for the new fence. Those poor little duckies while walking in a straight line fell into one of the holes. It was so cute as we watched each one fall in. Alan had to go out and lift them out. So cute!

Mari said...

Such a nice shot! I'm glad they're back!

Teri said...

Hi Connie ~ How fun that you are able to watch the little ducks and such a cute picture! Enjoy! Teri