Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I told you I would show you my germanium of last summer. This is how beautifully it did last year. So time will tell what it does this year. Hope it works!!
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Mari said...

I remember how beautiful it was last year. Hope it comes back again!

Nancy said...

I love geraniums. They always look so nice. And yours looked really nice last year. Good luck with it this year!


Glenda said...

What a beautiful pot of geraniums! I like to tuck flags in my flowers, too! I've never been able to keep a geranium year round, but yours looks like it will put out new growth.

I really enjoyed reading several of your posts, especially the Monday Blessings. Beautiful shelf arrangement! I'm a fan of Mary Higgins Clark's mysteries also.

Marie said...

What a beautiful plant. We have saved our window boxes of geraniums from last year and as of now they are still doing good. Last year we were able to keep them for a long time and then the power went off in the building that we had them in and the cold killed them. Good luck to you for this year.