Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Doing some spring painting? Here are a few tips on how to clean up after your done.

1) To make paintbrush easier to clean, wrap masking tape around the metal part and about 1/2 inch over the bristles. Rather than drying on the bristles, paint will collect on the masking tape. To clean, remove this tape and clean the paint that remains on the brush.

2) When sealing the lid on a paint can, wipe a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the rim. This will allow the can to open easily the next time.

3) Before you store leftover paint, list the rooms you have painted with it on the can. Touch-ups are easier if you don't to try to figure out which can of paint you used for what.

4) For easy removal of paint splatters on window panes, use a round typewriter eraser with a brush on the end - it's safer than a razor blade and easy too.
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Mari said...

I've done some of these, but the masking tape on the brush is new to me. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Connie, I found your blog from Brenda's and just by the comment you left her I know I'll enjoy reading what you have to say. You made me smile when you gave the tip about using "a round typewriter eraser with a brush on the end". I haven't seen one of those in 45 years!!! :-)
I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.